Miami Heat Parade

Miami, Florida. June 26, 2011. Miami-Dade Metrorail Transit was at its busiest this past Monday. With the Miami Heat parade taking place near the American Airlines Arena, anyone and everyone hopped on the Metrorail Transit, thinking it was the easiest way to commute to the parade. Although that may be true, considering those who drove were stuck in 2-3 hour traffic, the Miami Metrorail’€™s were packed to its maximum capacity, if not past its maximum capacity. With passengers side-by-side, face-to-face, almost busting out of the doors every time they opened, hardly allowing any space for new passengers. Those going to work on this day were a bit unlucky with time.

Miami, Florida. June 26, 2011. A young boy shows his fan spirit by painting his head for the NBA Champinships parade.

Miami, Florida. June 26, 2011. The Miami Heat officially ended its NBA championship season on Monday with a street parade that went through Miami’s downtown streets. Thousands of excited fans got together to celebrate during the parade.


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