Vanessa Castillo (The Brady Self)

the brady selfThat would be me, right there! I am thee Vanessa Castillo.  I am a photographer and videographer, specializing in anything anyone needs, if I’m capable.  I am a University of Miami Alumna, and owner of Vanessa Castillo Visuals. I currently reside in Florida, and  live in a studio loft where I get to create whenever I please, which leads me to yesterday… I’ve been a photographer for 8 years but I considered myself to be a “natural light” kind of photog. That being said, yesterday the 13th of February, I decided to play around in the photo studio, with strobes, self-timers and backdrops.  The most challenging part of it was, EVERYTHING! I felt overwhelmed, but determined, nonetheless. I wanted to play around with self-portraits, in some way.  Self timing it for 10 seconds, I’d go in front of the camera, pose and voila!  I learned.  I laughed.  I had a great time with self.  When I look at the photos I decided to mesh together, I notice a perfectly imperfect balance, in my physical appearance, and I love it.  Here are some of the shots I captured.


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