2O14 Blood Moon – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

April 15, 2014 – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Last night was beautiful.  The moon was unique.  I started to watch her at about 2:30 in the morning, she was crescent and bright white.  It almost felt like an optical illusion, or as if  you had blurry site because, it was THAT bright, but still only crescent.  You could see this faint ring around the whole crescent moon.  She was changing at, what felt to be, every minute, I hadn’t gone inside to get my camera yet, I was too thrilled with seeing this beauty form.  She began closing in..kind of closing off the brightness; like an eye slowly falling asleep.  Then BAM: it was circular, and red, and the bright light went away.  There were shadows and specular highlights, hues of red, orange, yellow, dark purple… This is around 3:15am by now, and this is when I decided to play a little with light and drawing, so I played with the moon and stars light and had fun.  With my canon 5D MarkII on a tripod, and the mode on Bulb, I was able to happily create these images. Then shortly after, I stopped to simply enjoy the moon, once again.  By 4am it almost looked sepia toned.  Then it did look sepia toned.  Here are the images, hope you like!





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