Miami Tragedy

Miami, Florida. Thursday, March 15, 2018 Several people were injured and killed when a pedestrian bridge that was still under construction collapsed near Florida International University Modesto Maidique Campus.The bridge was supposed to help connect about 4,000 Florida International University students, between the City of Sweetwater and the college campus to avoid casualties on the campus’ main street. It was said that this bridge might have been the largest in the nation, but had not been ready to be used, though people were already able to drive underneath. The 950 ton bridge had been under construction for 6-7 months and was scheduled to be open in 2019. It was also said that this pedestrian bridge was to withstand the strength of a category 5 hurricane.

Several people were seen being rescued into ambulances and first responders launched search and rescue missions. Florida Highway Patrol told CBS News that there were “several fatalities.”

Photos by VCV Agency.

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