About Me

Hi friends! My name is Vanessa Castillo and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Miami has a lot to do with my personality, talent, and passion for finding beauty in everyday life.

Noticing my curiosity for the universe inspired my drive to become a “light drawer”, capturing life, while living. Everything and everyone becomes an image in my eyes and I love being able to capture the moments.

At the age of 18, after High School, I began borrowing my mother’s Canon Rebel XSI and enrolled to my first black and white introduction to film photography class. The experience was inspiring because the professor motivated me to believe I had it naturally in me. 2 years later, I transferred my credits over to the University of Miami, and in 2012, I graduated and received a Bachelor of Science in Communications, with a concentration in Visual Journalism, and a second major in Art.

Shortly after graduating, not even a year later, I opened up my own photo/video business.

My Canon 5D Mark II and I, go hand in hand. I consider my camera to be my weapon, my other half, an extension to my neck. Photography and Video is my passion, music also helps to inspire my creativity. When we find our passion, we pursue it.

I am ready to explore and travel the world and bring success to myself by doing so. Anyone can say they want to do something but not everyone will actually put in the energy it takes to make it happen. Giving up is too easy, and I’m a strong believer in attracting with our minds what we desire, and desiring is already half the battle.  The energy we bring forth to this world means everything, and the energy we put out gives us our results.

”If you desire it, you can pursue it”.



  1. hola vanessa soy Sergio-Vicente estuvimos hablando hace un par de días en la terraza de un edificio la noche de San Juan en Alicante, te escribo a ti porque no consigo ponerme en contacto con tus otras amigas, puesto mi dificultad al hablar ingles creo que contigo podré entenderme mejor. Espero que lo pasarais bien en mi tierra y que os halla sido grata la visita a las fiestas populares de Alicante. Si es posible me interesaría que me mandarais algunas fotos que hicisteis el día de la cremá de la hogueras de Alicante, la del ayuntamiento, así como fotos de los castillos de fuegos artificiales desde el castillo de santa-barbara (fireworks on top of the castle of Santa-barbara). Atentamente Sergio-Vicente . Muchas gracias y espero que hablemos pronto. Un besote y para nosotros tambien fue un placer conoceros y ver lo bien que os lo pasasteis.
    P.D. Si quieres mandarme las fotos o para cualquier otro pregunta que tengas este es mi correo: cansadodelomismo@hotmail.com.
    A lot of Thanks. Sergio- Vicente

  2. love your drive and creativeness thru ur vision…. keep doing what you do you will go very far in your journey of life ;0)

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