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Miami Meatballers Food Truck


Welcome to the Miami Meatballers Food Truck.  Miami’s very own, Keli Schneider, has won herself a food truck for a whole year.  After participating on the Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off and competing agaist four other teams, she won.  The four teams had to make their presentations to the judges; Steak Shapiro, Alpana Singh and Robyn Almodovar, an award-winning food truck owner. They were looking for unique flavors, buyable concepts and presentations, and Miami Meatballers won!  Don’t forget to add @miamimeatballers on any social media to stay tuned for more information!

Bring Back Our Girls


2O14 Blood Moon – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

April 15, 2014 – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Last night was beautiful.  The moon was unique.  I started to watch her at about 2:30 in the morning, she was crescent and bright white.  It almost felt like an optical illusion, or as if  you had blurry site because, it was THAT bright, but still only crescent.  You could see this faint ring around the whole crescent moon.  She was changing at, what felt to be, every minute, I hadn’t gone inside to get my camera yet, I was too thrilled with seeing this beauty form.  She began closing in..kind of closing off the brightness; like an eye slowly falling asleep.  Then BAM: it was circular, and red, and the bright light went away.  There were shadows and specular highlights, hues of red, orange, yellow, dark purple… This is around 3:15am by now, and this is when I decided to play a little with light and drawing, so I played with the moon and stars light and had fun.  With my canon 5D MarkII on a tripod, and the mode on Bulb, I was able to happily create these images. Then shortly after, I stopped to simply enjoy the moon, once again.  By 4am it almost looked sepia toned.  Then it did look sepia toned.  Here are the images, hope you like!




Vanessa Castillo (The Brady Self)

the brady selfThat would be me, right there! I am thee Vanessa Castillo.  I am a photographer and videographer, specializing in anything anyone needs, if I’m capable.  I am a University of Miami Alumna, and owner of Vanessa Castillo Visuals. I currently reside in Florida, and  live in a studio loft where I get to create whenever I please, which leads me to yesterday… I’ve been a photographer for 8 years but I considered myself to be a “natural light” kind of photog. That being said, yesterday the 13th of February, I decided to play around in the photo studio, with strobes, self-timers and backdrops.  The most challenging part of it was, EVERYTHING! I felt overwhelmed, but determined, nonetheless. I wanted to play around with self-portraits, in some way.  Self timing it for 10 seconds, I’d go in front of the camera, pose and voila!  I learned.  I laughed.  I had a great time with self.  When I look at the photos I decided to mesh together, I notice a perfectly imperfect balance, in my physical appearance, and I love it.  Here are some of the shots I captured.


Just BE You


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